Awarded "Best Hedge Fund Manager" -- Hedge Funds World Middle East 2010
Pharos Financial Group is a global alternative asset manager with offices in New York, Dallas, Dubai and Moscow. Pharos offers investment management, advisory and commodity trading services to institutional and private clients. Founded in 1997 with initial capital from Credit Suisse and Soros Fund Management, Pharos and its principals have brought more than $10 billion to the capital markets in which they invest.

Having successfully created value for its clients across a variety of markets and asset classes, the fund management activities of Pharos have earned numerous accolades over the years including Hedge Fund Manager of the Year in 2010 by Hedge Funds World. Despite the many market challenges since 1997, Pharos has never suspended a funds NAV, gated redemptions, set up a side pocket or reset a High Water Mark.

The Pharos Edge

- Identifying Emerging Asset Classes:
  • The Massive Wealth Creation in Russia since 1994
  • The Re-Emergence of Agriculture
  • The Transformation of the US energy sector

- P
ioneering Access For Investors :
  • Structuring investments into restricted fixed income and equity securities

- C
onsistently safeguarding the interests of its clients:

  • Membership on 36 Boards of public companies
  • Private advisor to multi-billion dollar portfolios
  • Never suspended an NAV or created a side pocket
  • Never gated an investment
  • Never re-set a High Water Mark

Watch The Video of Peter Halloran, CEO, Pharos Financial Group